Initial WordPress Setup

So you’ve just installed WordPress and installed your plugins, What Now?

In our last Getting Started Post we covered Installing your Plugins after signing up for your account and installing WordPress.

Your next step is to change all of your basic settings in order to get off on the right foot with your new blog.

Below I’ll go through how I initially set up each of my WordPress installations. We’ll be reviewing the pertinent menu items to the left in the WordPress Sidebar.

The Settings Menu

When you hover over the word Settings in the sidebar you will see the Settings submenu items. These are:

General Settings

These are the most basic settings and some may be pre-filled by your WordPress installation process.

  • Enter the name of your blog in the Site Title field.
  • Enter your site’s slogan or catchy phrase in the Tagline Field.
  • WordPress and Site Addresses should be refilled, but should normally be the web address that people will use to reach your site for example Don’t change these to something else, as your site could stop working!
  • Enter your contact email in the Email Address field.
  • Membership – if you want your readers to be able to create accounts and log into your site check this box. I never do!
  • New User Default Role – ensure it is set to Subscriber!
  • Then select your timezone, date/time formats, what day you like the week to start on and language

Then click Save Changes.

Writing Settings

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How to Start Blogging Now In 4 Easy Steps

Whatever your passion, it is the time to start blogging now!

Do you have a passion and knowledge about a certain subject? Do people keep telling you that you should start a blog?

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Running your own Blog can be fun and potentially profitable!

Today I will show you how to easily creating a blog on your own. Blogging allows me to make thousands of dollars a month, by doing something that I love. Plus, you can start a money-making blog for the price of just one Starbucks coffee a month!

Click here to start a blog on WordPress, then use the tutorial below for the easy directions.

I’ll help you share your knowledge of the subject you care about most. Just follow these 4 fast, easy steps and you’ll have your blog online very quickly.

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