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Hi there I’m Steve,

Welcome to my new site!

My Story

I started my first website in 2008 which was a very focused niche site, with then intent of assisting the US military community with finding information on Disney discounts. I’d been a member of both of these communities for many years and this particular topic area was a passion of mine as both a military member and a former Disney employee.

I put some adsense ads on the site hoping that I could cover my expenses, which at the time were comparatively low. I’d paid $9.95 for my domain name and was paying $9.99 monthly for hosting.

I put the site up in April and started to see small earnings almost right away, making $4.64 in May. My total for 2008 was a whopping $47.66.

For the first 12 months the site was up, May-April the income was $66.33, so I while I didn’t cover my expenses, I was encourages because I hadn’t even know that making 66 bucks online was doable!

I stuck with it and with lots of hard work (which we’ll get into as this site progresses) I saw huge growth in my income, to the point where I now make what many others might call a full time income, in my spare time!

Gross Monthly Income:

  • 2008 – $47.66
  • 2009 – $147.52
  • 2010 – $2,055.23
  • 2011 – $8,722.52
  • 2012 – $21,887.10
  • 2013 – $43,802.15
  • 2014 – $37,250.09
  • 2015 – $43,735.77
  • 2016 – $56,181.12

Swivel Chair Millionaire Annual Income

Currently all of my income is not just from google ads! It comes from many different sources and several different websites. In fact all experts recommend that you diversify your income streams so that if one falters the others will hopefully still be there for you.

My income comes from:

  • Googel Ads
  • Other Display Ad Networks
  • Pay Per Action Networks
  • Affiliates Sales (Amazon and others)
  • Service Provider/Product Referrals
  • My Book Sales (Print, Kindle, & PDF)
  • Direct Advertising
  • Text Ads
  • Subject Matter Expert writing for other websites

My goal Is To Help You

My life philosophy is that there is enough abundance in this world for everyone, There is no need to hoard or keep secrets. I’ll be sharing how you can tag along with me on my journey and make your own way to earning your first million.

I’m almost a quarter of the way there myself and my goal is to do better every year.

Work Is Required

Working online, there are always changes, new things to learn, and at times challenges.

Note my dip in earnings in 2014 which was caused by several online changes (the google panda update and the explosion of mobile browsing were the biggest factors) but I rebounded and came back in 2015 by changing what I emphasized.

Since then the current challenges have become the continued expansion of mobile browsing and ad blocking software. To combat this, I diversified to become less dependent on display ads, creating my own books and expanding my referrals to Service Providers and Products.

I Hope You Enjoy the site!

So again Welcome! Here I’ll share with you what is working for me and what isn’t, just how I do things, and how you can get started.

My Progress So Far

Here is how I’m doing on my goal of making a million online so far.

Gross Income To Date:

Thanks for checking out the site! I really hope that you will find it helpful in reaching your goals.

Note: As I’m starting this site 8 years into my journey, I’m thinking that I’ll eventually add in older income reports which will precede this first, welcome post.

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